About Us


It's a Dinner is a temporary outdoor restaurant serving locally sourced meals in Goshen, New York.

Dinners are currently being held once a month between May and October in various locations including the barn, the greenhouse, and the fields. 


Goshen Green Farm is a nontraditional organic farm located on over 200 acres of undeveloped land in Goshen, New York. The small scale approach of Goshen Green Farm allows the farmers to touch each and every piece of produce grown. The farm is sustained by hardworking individuals making it possible to carry out the biodynamic organic processes important to the farms mission. The Farm supplies the majority of the produce used in our Field to Table events. Due to the organic processes used on Goshen Green Farm, all of our produce must be picked at the height of ripeness, thus each vegetable used in our dinners is fresh from our field. 




Ana is a self-taught cook who values organic, locally sourced food. Not only does Ana take into account the season and availability of the Farm’s produce for each event, she also considers how guests will experience the food with the way it is presented and paired, along with the environment of the dinners. As a food stylist, and food editor at, Ana ensures that design is integral to every dish.